Thursday, March 11, 2010

at the speed of spring

When I thought of this venture before it actually happened, I asked to be immersed in the seasons, in the turning of the Wheel, and now as it is happening all I can think is Whheeeeee! We are turning FAST on this wheel! I always knew Time was relative, subjective, and it surely is. The relative speed of Time for us now is FAST like molten lava where there should be individual grains of sand passing thru the narrow lane in the hourglass which separates the past and future. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Because Time is so quickly speeding by I'll be brief...

We are seeding flats to start transplants so they'll be a month or so earlier to harvest than they would be if we direct-seeded them into the field.

The field got plowed Tuesday : )

We have more varieties of lettuce and greens than should be legal.

Gabe got the greenhouse working and that's how come we can plant all these seeds.

We need some help! If you want to come work and get paid in produce later we'd probably kiss you.

We're going to spray a biodynamic mix on the tilled field to help the grass breakdown.

This weekend hosts a glorious combination of a new moon in Pisces, so we'll be seeding lots of green leafy things.

Tonight is my last night with Rana, as 'my dog'. Carole told me tonight that in Arabic Rana means "beautiful, beloved". She is both, and will be both in her new home.

When we think of farms, often we are mislead into paths of thought that tread solely on consumption: zuchini, corn, food, fuel; a farm IS like the stomach of an organism that is a family - maybe of friends, maybe of kin, but a farm is not an isolated entity. In as much as you cannot have a community of stomachs - you cannot have a farm isolated from a community that arterially weaves and threads within and without, connecting and nourishing through the connections organs that contribute to the vitality of the whole.

That is your tangent for the night.

Goddess Bless and Be Well!

Take your elderberry and your goldenseal as well,

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